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Elections of members of regional committees

Thank you for taking a few minutes to choose the people who will be your spokespersons for the next year.

Reminder of the procedure for voting
You have received an email with the subject line: FFARIQ – REGIONAL ELECTION. It contains your unique identification code. You must have this code to vote. Read the following instructions carefully before clicking “Vote”.

Step 1 – identification

Vous devrez inscrire votre prénom, votre nom ainsi que votre code d’identification unique.

Step 2 – choice of candidate

Cochez la case sous la description du candidat de votre choix. Pour certaines régions où plus d’un poste est en élection, vous devrez voter pour un candidat par poste.

Lorsque vous aurez complété votre choix pour chacun des postes en élection, cliquez sur le bouton « Confirmer mon vote ».

Step 3 – confirmation of your vote

A message confirming that your vote has been recorded will appear.

Remember, you only have until May 18, 5:00 p.m. to vote!

Ready to vote? The link is in the blue square at the right of this page.

Have you lost your unique identification code? Click on “Vote” in the blue square on the right of this page and follow the instructions under the boxes to be filled out.

Access to vote

Click on “Vote” to proceed to your identification and vote. Have you lost your unique code? Click on “Vote” anyway and follow the instructions to request your code.