Satisfaction survey Annual Congress for FFARIQ host families

We are pleased to count you among us for this first online edition of our annual congress. We are also curious to find out what are your thought about that! Your assessment will help us improve the experience. This survey will take only 5 short minutes. Thanks for your cooperation!


Annual congress for FFARIQ host families - survey

Annual congress for FFARIQ host families

1. What day (s) are you registered for? *
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4. Rate your level of satisfaction with the speakers from 1 to 4.

1 for not satisfied at all and 4 for very satisfied
Pertinence des propos

Danie Beaulieu

Danie Beaulieu
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Nancy Audet

Nancy Audet
Pertinance propos : Nancy Audet *
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Durée : Nancy Audet *
5. Did you face any technological problem (ex.: connection, slowness, broadcast cut)? *
1 for not satisfied at all and 10 for very satisfied
8. Do you prefer a congress in a physical place or a virtual congress? *
10. Would you agree to repeat the virtual congress experience next year? *